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unguarded adj
1 lacking protection or a guard; "an unguarded gate"; "his unguarded queen was open to attack" [syn: unprotected]
2 displaying or feeling no wariness; "an unguarded remark"; "spilled the beans in an incautious moment" [syn: incautious]

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  1. Having no guard or protection; vulnerable
  2. Displaying a lack of caution or thought

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Unguarded is the ninth album by Christian music singer Amy Grant, released in 1985 (see 1985 in music).
When Unguarded was released in 1985, Amy Grant was probably the most popular star in Contemporary Christian music, recording songs with religious lyrics in the pop/rock style of the day. With this album, however, the religious content of the lyrics was scaled back as compared with her two previous regular studio albums, Age to Age and Straight Ahead. Despite this, the album's lead-off single, "Find a Way," was a number one hit on the Christian radio charts. Four other singles from the album were also Top Ten Christian radio hits.
The aggressive mainstream style of the songs on Unguarded, combined with a heavy promotional campaign on the part of the album's distributor in secular outlets, A&M Records, three of its singles reached the mainstream charts. "Find A Way" was a Top Ten hit on the Adult Contemporary chart and peaked at #29 on the Billboard Hot 100, while "Everywhere I Go" was a Top Thirty AC single and "Wise Up" was a minor charting single on the Hot 100. Unguarded would be certified gold in September 1985, and platinum in June 1986.
In 2007, Unguarded was reissued and digitally remastered by Grant's new record label, EMI/Sparrow Records. The remastered edition is labeled with a "Digitally Remastered" logo in the 'gutter' on the CD front.

Track listing

  1. "Love Of Another Kind" (Amy Grant, Gary Chapman, Wayne Kirkpatrick, Rich Mullins) – 3:22
  2. "Find A Way" (Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith) – 3:28
  3. "Everywhere I Go" (Mary Lee Kortes) – 4:12
  4. "I Love You" (Amy Grant, Dann Huff, Michael W. Smith) – 4:25
  5. "Stepping In Your Shoes" (Amy Grant, Chris Eaton) – 4:37
  6. "Fight" (Amy Grant, Gary Chapman, Dann Huff) – 4:42
  7. "Wise Up" (Wayne Kirkpatrick, Billy Simon) – 3:51
  8. "Who To Listen To" (Gary Chapman, Tim Marsh, Mark Wright) – 4:22
  9. "Sharayah" (Amy Grant, Chris Eaton) – 4:53
  10. "The Prodigal" (Amy Grant, Gary Chapman, Robbie Buchanan) – 5:10




  • The album track "I Love You" is Amy Grant's first secular love song from her own pen. It was dedicated to her then-husband Gary Chapman. According to one verse of the song:
You were pretty crazy, back when we fell in love
Wanting to be everything, that I would be proud of
Hours we spent dreaming, how we'd beat the odds
Now the truth has hit is, life is very hard
Life can be so hard
  • In the video for "Wise Up", some of Tommy Funderburk's backing vocals are convincingly lip-synced by a black woman.
  • To further heighten Amy Grant's visual appeal, A&M released Unguarded with four different covers. They are, in order from left to right: the W, O, R, and D covers. (Only the R and D covers are still in print, though.)


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arbitrary, artless, asleep, bare-handed, bluff, blunt, born yesterday, broad, brusque, candid, capricious, careless, childlike, confiding, culpably negligent, defenseless, derelict, direct, downright, explicit, exposed, forthright, frank, frankhearted, free, free-speaking, free-spoken, free-tongued, genuine, goofing off, guardless, guileless, hasty, heart-to-heart, heedless, helpless, imprudent, inadvertent, inattentive, incautious, inconsiderate, indiscreet, ingenu, ingenuous, innocent, inobservant, involuntary, laissez-faire, lax, loose, naive, napping, neglectful, neglecting, negligent, nodding, noninterfering, nonrestrictive, off-guard, open, openhearted, outspoken, overly permissive, permissive, plain, plain-spoken, procrastinating, reasonless, relaxed, remiss, round, scamping, simple, simplehearted, simpleminded, sincere, single-hearted, single-minded, skimping, slack, sleeping, slighting, slurring, straight, straight-out, straightforward, thoughtless, transparent, trustful, trusting, unalert, unarmed, unarmored, unattended, uncalculating, uncautious, unchecked, uncircumspect, unconscious, unconstrained, uncovered, undefended, undesigned, unequivocal, unfortified, ungarrisoned, unguided, unintended, unintentional, unmeant, unmeditated, unplanned, unpremeditated, unprepared, unprompted, unprotected, unpurposed, unready, unreasoning, unreflecting, unreserved, unrestrained, unrigorous, unscreened, unsheltered, unshielded, unsophisticated, unsuspecting, unsuspicious, unthinking, unthought-of, unthoughtful, unvigilant, unwarned, unwary, unwatched, unwatchful, unwise, unwitting, vulnerable, weaponless
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